Case Study: Cost Savings (Cybersecurity)

Over $773,000 in savings delivered through group travel..


The client is a multinational cybersecurity firm, headquartered in the USA with offices around the globe.


The company required 2,500 in-policy international flights to Canada to be booked for its global sales kick off event. In the past, this had been transacted using best fare of the day, within a very restricted budget.


ETM was able to offer an alternate solution by sourcing group fares, where possible, directly through the airline. This allowed us to negotiate fare costs lower than individual corporate fares or best fare of the day.

Using an online portal to collect delegate requests and distribute travel itineraries, we were also able to streamline the process while creating less administrative work for the group.

check tick - pinkETM’s expertise in group travel delivered $773,000 in cost savings off the client’s usual booking method.


Cybersecurity Case Study (2019)