Budget benefits of using an event manager

While it can be tempting to try and ‘save costs’ by managing your events in-house there are multiple ways a professional event manager can provide demonstrated value and save money on your corporate event budget, whilst ensuring no corners are cut in the process.

Many people find that the process of delivering a successful event can reveal several unexpected issues not considered in the planning stages. These may cause disruption to your event execution and push out your budget unexpectedly, thus reducing your ROI.

While we have no control of the weather on the day, just one of many things that can disrupt the smooth running of an event, planning for contingencies and dealing with the unexpected is just one part of how an experienced event professional can provide value when needed.

Working with a professional team of event experts who can apply their global experience and leverage their strong supplier relationships also allows you to benefit from their ability to go that extra step to assist you when you need it most.

At ETM we have been able to utilise our position in the industry to benefit our clients on many occasions; from negotiating waived cancellation fees to reduced pricing to save thousands of dollars when the unexpected has occurred. These strong partnerships can make a huge difference to your event budget (and reputation!), keeping blowouts at bay.

When using a professional event manager like ETM, the benefits can truly outweigh the ‘costs’. Take a look at some of the ways we have been able to assist our clients achieve a cost savings and a greater return on investment in the case studies below.

Software Case Study (2019)

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Cybersecurity Case Study (2019)

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