Driving Innovation in Event Technology

14 December 2016

Innovation in events underpins everything we do at ETM, and we are always on the lookout for ways to deliver new and improved technology solutions to our clients.

So this year, when one of our key clients invited ETM to build a mobile app with customised conference functionality to service 250 delegates, ETM collaborated with Centium Software to design and build an innovative solution capable of meeting our client’s conference objectives.

Working with Centium, ETM was able to test and push the industry’s latest mobile app technology, EventsAIR mobile app, to deliver new features and functionalities that other event clients can now benefit from. The ETM app was later awarded the 2016 Client Innovation Award for Best Mobile App at the 2016 EventsAIR User Conference held in Sydney, Australia.

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Centium Software CEO Trevor Gardiner congratulated Event Travel Management on receiving their Client Innovation Award.

“We are pleased to recognise Event Travel Management for their excellent design and deployment of the mobile attendee app,” Mr. Gardiner said. “The team deployed many aspects of the app technology, including QR codes, exhibitor searches, links to speakers’ white papers and five pages of custom content.”


Through an ongoing commitment to driving innovation in events technology, ETM collaborates with a range of industry suppliers in the BETA testing phase of new event technology solutions to test functionality and user experience, maximise integration opportunities, address capability gaps, and identify bugs. Applying a ‘customer-first’ approach, we continually strive to identify faster and smarter ways to deliver new technical solutions which are agile enough to meet the ever-changing needs of their users.

Delivering Results

The result of this collaboration is that ETM is one of the first companies to test the technology restrictions of new platforms when pushed to its limits, ensuring the technology brought to market is industry leading and can deliver beyond the expectations of our clients. It also ensures that the most innovative event technology platforms are delivered fast to ETM’s customers, delivering the benefits of cost efficiency, usability and heightened delegate experience through innovation.

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In 2016, ETM’s innovation platform also played a key part in Corporate Travel Management’s recognition in the AFR’s Most Innovative Companies List 2016.

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