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CASE STUDY: Incentive Travel for Beauty Advisors

Event Travel Management (ETM) organised incentive travel for approximately 1,000 L’Oreal beauty advisors in the Asia Pacific region.

ETM arranged visa and flight arrangements for delegates from over 10 regions, arranged event theming in the form of product showcase booths, and developed various team building activities for attendees.

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ETM arranged visa and flight arrangements for over 1,000 delegates from over 10 regions in a very limited time period, provided attendees the opportunity to learn more about the company’s product offerings through a product showcase, and developed team building activities across different languages and cultural backgrounds.


  • Visa and flight arrangement
  • How attendees could learn about the company’s product offerings in an interactive way
  • Develop stronger team relationships through team building.


Visa and flight arrangement

ETM arranged visas and flights for over 1,000 delegates from over 10 regions in a very short period. We prepared the paperwork and aligned with the local agencies in different regions to assist the delegates on the visa application. ETM also arranged flights for all delegates. However, since it was very last minute, most of the direct flight was gone, so the ETM team advised the next best options for the delegates.

Product showcase

ETM worked with the client on designing thematic product showcase booths for 30+ beauty brands, providing a rare opportunity for staff of different brands under the L’Oreal group to have a broader knowledge of the company’s product offerings. The showcase booths also acted as an on-the-spot training center for all participating makeup artists, allowing a more effective use of resources and time.

Team building

ETM also help developed various team building activities with an aim to foster stronger relationships among different brands and regional offices. The team building activities had to be meticulously planned and flawlessly executed to cater to the large group size, different languages, and mixed cultural backgrounds.


The client was exceptionally satisfied with the result and happy to employ ETM as their full event planning and event management solution provider.

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