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CASE STUDY: Virtual Event Meeting

The client achieved a 90% session participation level across all event types – live and pre-recorded.

Event Travel Management (ETM) successfully created and managed a virtual event for nearly 1,000 global employees after a recent global acquisition across many time zones with a multi-week content delivery schedule over four months.

Read on to find out how.



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A client working within the travel and transportation industry engaged ETM to create and manage a virtual event for nearly 1,000 global employees, after a recent global acquisition. The event was held across many time zones with a multi-week content delivery schedule over four months.




The ETM team needed to unite a global group of nearly 1,000 people due to a large global acquisition – connecting the front lines to senior management and getting the entire employee base together and on-board with the company’s future strategy. Employees were in varying sub-divisions and a variety of roles across the company.

Content needed to be designed based on roles, programming had to incorporate session delivery based on these roles, and the client required a motivational speaker for a broad, global audience.

The client also required the incorporating of sponsors and sponsor reporting.




The ETM team created a virtual event program and platform for global audiences with different devices (computer, VPN, etc.). and across many global time zones (up to a 16-hour time difference). The content was delivered in a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions to allow for varying time zones.

To account for the questions regarding the acquisition and to align employees with the company’s strategy, we included a moderator for each session to ensure the top questions were answered via robust live polling and live Q&A.

We also ran a virtual sponsor hall with gamification to create interactivity and drive sponsor engagement. Prizes were awarded to the most engaged participants.

To address whether goals were met, we provided post-event surveys to all participants.




  • Each attendee visited each sponsor’s booth 11 times on average: 11,600 unique engagements across 1,000 attendees
  • 77% of survey respondents rated the event a 4 or 5 out of 5 overall
  • 90% session participation across all event types (live and pre-recorded)
  • 40% post-event survey participation.



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