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CASE STUDY: Incentive Tour

Event Travel Management (ETM) organised an incentive travel tour and travel seminar for the client’s 400+ top-performing distributors. In doing so, we also helped to drastically reduce the client’s administrative work and report running time by over 50%.

ETM set up online registration and digital payment, arranged transportation including entire group travel tours, and managed logistics of supplies at multiple cruise ports.

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The client worked with ETM to organise an incentive travel tour and travel seminar for 400+ top-performing distributors onboard a 9-day Alaska cruise, providing free transportation, catering, and accommodation to their attendees. The incentive travel tour provided a platform for outstanding leaders to share their business development and achievements with each other.


  • Design and set up an online registration site and digital payment gateway
  • Cater to 400+ guests’ transportation/ground tours/pre & post-cruise travel arrangement
  • Manage logistic of supplies at multiple cruise port.


  • Designed and built the online registration site, which offered the flexibility for attendees to select different flight schedules, cruise cabin arrangement, special meals, optional local tours, etc.
  • Held regular planning meetings to foster strong relationships in order to keep everything on schedule, understand their needs, and fulfill requirements. ETM also set up a general hotline for registered guests to answer their inquiries and to solve their problems before departure.
  • Conducted pre-event site inspection in Alaska to work out all operation details with various working partners to ensure the flawless running of the event.


  • Successfully created bilingual web pages to cover pre-trip communication, e-registration, and activities/shore excursions selections
  • Enabled 24/7 registration and communication to cover participants in different time zones
  • Alleviated the strain on manual input and drastically reduced the administrative work and report running time by over 50%.

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