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CASE STUDY: Global Group Air

Event Travel Management (ETM) moved a client and their 2,500+ global travellers to a global group air structure for their program, resulting in a 54% reduction in the program cost, a 55% reduction in overtime hours, and a 79% reduction in call volume.

Our team developed an event management strategy to move a client from a group air program handled only in the US to a global group air program managed worldwide by teams in Australia, the US, UK and Hong Kong to serve each region’s unique needs.

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Develop a program strategy for a global client with over 2,500 travellers in multiple regions of the world.

  • Provide local-language service for each region
  • Provide global reporting
  • Reduce overtime by US staff working outside of normal business hours.


Running a global group air program out of a single region, the US, was a challenge with travellers flying to and from global destinations, both inside and outside of North America.

Challenges included:

  • Language barriers
  • 24/7 staffing required to accommodate global time zones, including an overnight shift, excessive overtime, and massive support required by the network and corporate after-hours
  • The client’s other programs and events were not prioritised due to large focus and staff attention on managing group air.


The ETM team worked with the client to create a global group air program that would be managed by multiple regions to accommodate traveller needs and time zones. ETM encouraged the client to move their program from the US office only to our offices in Australia, the US, UK and Hong Kong to meet the needs of all of their travellers.

The new structure allowed for:

  • Resolution of language barriers – group air agents based in the local market speak the local language
  • Ticket fares based on the region for best possible rates
  • Drastic reduction in need for overtime, after-hours, and corporate support.


  • Client was able to reduce overtime from 317 hours to 145 – a reduction in overtime hours of 55%
  • Overtime costs dropped 54% from nearly $10,000 USD to just over $4,000
  • Agents received only 232 calls in the first 8 days, compared to 1,094 calls in the same time period with the previous program – a call volume reduction of 79%.

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