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CASE STUDY: End to End Event Management

Event Travel Management (ETM) managed the complete delivery of a three-day conference and corporate awards ceremony for Corporate Travel Management (CTM).

ETM effectively delivered a memorable event, resulting in 83% of surveyed attendees feeling more united with their colleagues and the business than ever before.

Read on to find out how.

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Corporate Travel Management (CTM) appointed ETM to coordinate event planning for travel and the event program for their three-day CTM Management Meeting and All Stars Awards 2023 on the Gold Coast.

This event brought together CTM employees from across Australia and New Zealand to reconnect, network, learn and celebrate the business’s achievements and path ahead under the theme “Grow the Future”.

ETM’s objective was to host an outstanding corporate event that reunited CTM’s business, strengthened team bonds, and cultivate a sense of belonging in the company’s new employees who accounted for a large portion of the delegates.


ETM faced several challenges in organising the event, including:

  • Arranging travel and accommodation for up to 250 people whilst navigating limited availability of flights, transport, accommodation, venue space, staff and increased costs.
  • Encouraging venues to think outside the box and collaborate with the ETM team to deliver a unique experience for delegates.
  • An unexpected Microsoft outage throughout the event affected the registration system and event technology, preventing the ETM team from using this technology to communicate with delegates.


To overcome the technical difficulties caused by the Microsoft outage, ETM utilised old-school methods of communication such as phone calls and displaying physical printouts of programs around the venue, whilst also ensuring that ETM team members were physically present during the event to assist and advise delegates. ETM leveraged our strong and long-standing relationships with suppliers to secure the travel, accommodation, and venue hire within the client’s budget while ensuring the event experience delivered exceeded expectations

For example, for the supplier dinner held on the second night of the event, the Burleigh Pavilion was selected as the venue. However, a sit-down dinner was required, which was outside the scope of the venue’s typical offerings. In response, ETM engaged in productive negotiations and collaborated closely with the Burleigh Pavilion management team to ensure the successful delivery of the desired event format.

Centering the event around the theme of ‘Grow the Future’, the ETM team carefully curated the event’s program to balance informative learning sessions with team building.

One word to describe the experience: Amazing, transformative, constructive, fun, excellent, unforgettable, fantastic, uplifting, memorable, engaging, inspiring, worthwhile, insightful, sensational


ETM delivered a successful event that not only met the objectives set out by CTM but also provided delegates with an outstanding and unique experience.

The event also received overwhelmingly positive feedback from delegates. In a post-event survey, 83% of respondents indicated that the event encouraged new connections and helped them feel more connected to both CTM and their colleagues.

Through leveraging supplier relationships, ETM ensured a smooth travel experience for delegates from beginning to end and facilitated a corporate event experience that will have a lasting impact on CTM’s culture.

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