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Event Sustainability for business, communities, & the environment

Event sustainability continue to play an increasingly important role in the way we conduct business, and the MICE industry is no different in its commitment to more climate-friendly practices.

Businesses today want to know that they are aligning themselves with a partner whose values are similar if not the same. At ETM, we are committed to the long-term sustainability of our business and have developed a sustainability strategy that encompasses factors we believe will support our long-term success. These include the ways we interact with our people, customers and shareholders, how we reduce our impact on the environment, and how we support the communities in which we operate.

But in addition to environmental sustainability, a key consideration in 2022 will involve the economic sustainability of businesses and local economies. The financial impacts of the COVID-19 travel ban brought grief on many businesses around the globe and saw countless economies suffer from the loss of tourism and events.

As local economies begin to rebuild through recommenced business travel and events, financial viability will be an important consideration for businesses seeking partnerships with suppliers or other interested parties. The pandemic has highlighted the need for flexibility and contingency plans for the unexpected or what we have now learned to be expected.  Working with suppliers who have implemented sustainability practices that are mutually aligned, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Covid safe plans with a view to a long-term business partnership will be important for future years.

“The vetting of suppliers for events will be a huge focus in 2022, as we want to ensure our clients’ expectations are reached in every aspect.” – Tracey Edwards, ETM’s Global Strategic Lead and General Manager AU/NZ.

Business travel, whether domestic or international, meetings or events, provides connectivity for business and local communities. It creates opportunities, especially for developing countries that may rely heavily on travel, through local employment and opportunity for business expansion. The injection of income into the local economy can also boost support for areas such as healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure.

In addition to business travel, business events will play an integral role in stimulating the economy post-pandemic. Business events provide an olive branch for local organisations to be involved where collaboration and new ideas can be formed through partnerships and networking. Business confidence will be on the rise with the ability for buyers and sellers to come together to share knowledge, discuss new innovations and foster growth. Events will aid in rebuilding industry and public-sector networks, infrastructure, boost employment and regional development.

Accor, an ETM preferred hotel partner, works together with local communities for a positive impact. Their ‘commitment’ is to respect host communities, care for the most vulnerable, and protect local ecosystems wherever their hotels are located. Accor does everything it can to benefit its communities and local areas through activities around the world.  They contribute to social and economic development in host countries by buying locally, paying taxes and creating jobs within their hotels. For example, on average 1 job in the hotel supports 4 jobs externally through suppliers and public services. Approximately 83% of the wealth Accor creates stays in the host countries supporting the economy.

In a similar sense, ETM’s parent company, Corporate Travel Management (CTM), has developed a climate action program in partnership with South Pole. In addition to offsetting the carbon footprint of internal staff travel and events, the Climate+ program enables CTM and ETM customers to contribute to local community projects by offsetting their events program and travel through the purchase of carbon credits. These projects positively influence sustainability outcomes for individuals, communities and the environment by establishing environmental initiatives that in turn, create jobs for locals.

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Business events are unique as they are a tourism sector that can forecast future confirmed business for a region. The information that can be garnered from events such as predicted business tourism, solicited suppliers and services required, new employment opportunities, cash injections and sustainability considerations can be used by governments to maximise the benefits these events have to offer. This will ensure they have a positive sustainable and long-lasting economic impact on the region.

Through newly implemented Government safety measures, COVID-19 compliance certificates, sustainability measures and increased vaccination rates, consumer confidence is on the rise. For those businesses reliant on product launches and exhibitions to stimulate business growth, the return of in-person events could not return fast enough. With many parts of the world already underway with travel, the golden gate is opening for popular event destinations to be ready to thrive and build back their workforces ready to accommodate the opportunity to support long-term economic growth.

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